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"Martial Arts meets Mental Health & Disabilities first session was amazing!"

"Martial Arts classes have other hidden benefits. Whatever you are dealing with, let's de-stress via martial arts! Did you know there are mental health benefits ranging from an improved mood to combating stress and depression? Did you know martial arts can improve your focus and concentration including improved fine motor skills through delivering disciplined actions? Did you know there are physical benefits too including improved reflexes and coordination? Martial arts act as a stress relief, relieving pressure and tension from your muscles. It enables increased focus, increased self esteem (by committing to these sessions, you'll transfer these skills to every aspect of your life) and have a chance to learn an exciting skill! DON'T FORGET the social aspects of it too, like meeting new friends and becoming part of a national community The testimonials were amazing! To be able to stand after 5 cancerous battles. To be able to stand after being raped. To be able to write a book after behind declared dyslexic. To be able to be a CEO of a charity after 6 suicidal attempts is A TESTIMONY to you and, that we are here for a purpose to serve others through our gifts! " Participant of the event.

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