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The Free Your Mind psychological service Ltd is a VOICE providing a platform for people suffering from mental health issues and disabilities within the community founded by Heather Ashalley which first started in United Grace. She has forensic experience nationally and internationally; from working in the NHS to speaking to prisoners in Broodmoor with children and adults. This service provides counselling that actively makes you overcome your yesterday and develop skills and strategies that allow you to embrace and live a life of greatness! We provide self help groups, seminars, conferences, events, shows, and More which have been effective in the community with topics such as abuse of all kinds, trauma, anxiety, suicide, depression, panic, self esteem issues, bullying, OCD, marital issues, youth offending, addictions, youth violence, empowerment workshops, martial arts programme, entrepreneurship in children and adults & so much more! We deliver and host many programmes with numerous life coaches, clients, services, NHS, charities and more!

We have worked with Ultra Kids Club, with founder Julian Hall, Fearless Speaking academy, Warren Inspire Ryan, Kelly Knox, Britain's leading Disabled Fashion Model, support from David Lammy and Jeremy Corbyn, Islington and Haringey Mayors And Mayoress; Cllr Jennifer Mann & Cllr Richard Manning, Martial Arts programme with children with disabilities, Women's conference with Dr Ava Brown, Stand Up Stand Out, founder Precious Ngwu, A2ndVoice, founder, Venessa Bob, entrepreneurs Inspiring Vanessa, Na'ariyah Hall & Tegan Helen, Gershom Allen, Oli Regan; founder of #Don'tManUp and ambassador of Rethink; Shanti Bey founder of EllisElly Coaching, Malakh Zebulun, Lauren Lamont to name a few, with Mary Kay and Mind Body & Soul Massaging company supporting us! These are designed to see that you are not alone on your journey. We all have a situation we've been through but that scar is a stepping stone to greatness. Hearing testimonies by guest speakers and working practically in these workshops always allows our clients experience that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Stay tuned to our workshops in 2017.
- Sexual abuse - Child abuse - Depression - PTSD Trauma - Empowering Children - Domestic violence - Gang violence and trauma in youths & more

Free Your Mind Psychological Services Ltd allows you to walk through your journey enabling you see that everything you want and desire lies within you!! Mindset is everything! Failure is not an option. A mentorship programme is also being set up! What was meant to break, demolish, leave you neglected, unfulfilled, sidelined, depressed, and simply unable to enjoy life fully is expressed through workshops and one on one counselling; celebrating every scar to push you to be who you were born to be: EXTRAORDINARY & UNIQUE!.

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Heather is very down to earth yet very professional and unique in her approach with clients whilst using empirically tested therapies: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Heather transforms brokeness to beauty and ensures her clients are equipped in regaining power of their thoughts and actions as well as gaining dominance into new limitless territories! Do you need someone to talk to? Book an appointment with her TODAY!


The Workshops that the Free Your Mind Psychological Service bring are always innovative and fun. We don't just run counselling services, we partner with different reputable companies, charities, organisations who are passionate about changing lives and empowering you to live the best quality of life ever!!.


Our conferences are aimed to make you feel uncomfortable in your comfort zone so you move from clucking to soaring! Let's turn your past rejections to stepping stones for your future success!


Free Your Mind Psychological Services Ltd are putting together a Mentorship Programme for young people called 'Wear Your Crown' which simply means that regardless of what life throws at you; don't allow it to change the very fact that you are a king/ queen destined for greatness! Keep the crown in the right position and embrace you! Soon to be launched!.

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The Free Your Mind psychological service Ltd is a VOICE! AND allows you to walk through your journey
enabling you to pull out your EXTRAORDINARY purpose!

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